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Unable to proceed against Konrad with evidence on Curtis' order, Cade leaves Zach to tail Konrad while he finds an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting to attend. At the A.

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As Cade leaves, he is stopped by Tania, a female vampire he failed to help in the past. While neither will admit it, their shared history gives them both the closest thing to feelings for each other that vampires can feel. Ultimately Cade and Zach unravel the plot - Konrad has the four finished Unmenschsoldat delivered near the White House, where Khaled and his conspirators sacrifice their lives to bring them to life and carry out their programmed attack; Dylan, already having misgivings about his involvement, flees for his life. While Cade locates and is prepared to kill Konrad, he learns the attack on the White House has begun, and his oath compels him to leave Konrad alive and return to Washington immediately.

Despite Griff who was discredited by evidence planted by Holt to make it look like he was a mole in exchange for enough of Konrad's Elixir to cure his cancer raising the alarm, the attack kills dozens of Secret Service personnel and Curtis, Wyman and Griff are stranded in the Oval Office. Despite impressive fighting skills and inhuman tolerance, Cade very nearly dies while destroying three of the zombies - Zach saves his life and earns some measure of his respect.

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Nearing sunrise, when Cade cannot operate, Cade speeds back to the Reliquary and retrieves the object from Kosovo; inside the box is the preserved Hand of John the Baptist , which contains holy power over life and death. While Zach slows down the final zombie and ensures the safety of Candace and Curtis' family, the final zombie comes within inches of killing the president, and fatally wounds Griff when he throws himself in front a strike aimed at a defenceless Cade. However, the zombie's original human consciousness, a deceased U. Cade then uses the Hand to remove the zombie's life force and kill it.

In the epilogue, Curtis tells Wyman they will keep looking for the real traitor, and strongly implies he suspects Wyman himself. Holt is revealed to have survived and now wants revenge on the Company, Konrad and Cade for leaving her near-dead, Konrad is revealed to have fled to Pakistan and is now working in squalid working conditions. A few weeks later, Cade confronts Dylan in his family's condo in Acapulco - declaring he is guilty of treason, Cade kills him. This stems from his traumatic conversion from human to vampire. He subsists on animal blood, and in a unique twist, he helps fight his thirst for blood by attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, drawing strength from alcoholics who fight their thirst every day of their lives.

Religion: Cade's constant self-damnation contrasts with his fanatical fight to serve and protect, rather than feed on, humans. This constant struggle has been described by Farnsworth as stemming from Cade being raised Calvinist , with a strong belief in predestination and the damnation of most of humanity. Fear of unknown: Besides the obvious "cool" factor to vampires, Farnsworth describes much of the story reflecting society's current fears.

He states that "Whenever we have trouble facing our fears head-on, we call out the monsters. In the 50s, it was the alien invasion movie. In the 80s, it was the relentless, unstoppable serial killer.

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And now, we're dealing with the War on Terror with vampires and zombies. Reviews have generally been very positive for the first time novelist. Beevers from sandwichjohnfilms.

His impression, however, is that Farnsworth has managed to create just that. Farnsworth admits to being a fan of many other vampire novels, though he claims to stay away from them while writing. According to Fangoria.

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Smith , Equilibrium and Law Abiding Citizen , among many others. He's a chameleonic actor who can portray the best and worst in people. Farnsworth has recently released book three, titled Red, White and Blood , and states that he would like to continue Cade's adventures for quite some time. I'm not sure how much further I'll go after that, but as long as people keep buying them, we'll get at least to number Patricia Highsmith.

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All the governor has to do to make it all go away is compromise everything he stands for and grant a full pardon to a convicted felon. With no better option, he complies. He has another little condition. Then another. And another. And Andrew has no choice but to play along until he can find a way out of this personal and political nightmare.